At the location of the liverystables at the Frisianstreetway in Groningen you can quite often see the coaches standing ready for departure

An old fashioned livery stable, with about 18 horses in the stables, two boxes for fowles and room for a limited number of carriages. In the harnessroom you find 40 harnesses! You understand that this requires much polishing. There stands a harness stitchingmachine for maintenance. Behind that room, the room for clothing, with coats and hats and liveries, overcoats, coachmen fraks etc. and in between the room for lantarns
Outside are standing the means of transport, by wich the livery stable can operate in the whole northern part of the Netherlands, carriage-trailers, a landrover and a truck for transport of the horses. Besides the farm a by a swing fench closed place, where the horses are brushed, sprayed with water and from time to time get cut the hooves and receive new horseshoes.

In this short description we hope to have made you see a working livery stable that seems to be left over out of the past century so it was once erverywhere and it is now still here.